Leif Ritchey

Flower Pants 2014

Acrylic on canvas

82 x 80 in.

Leif Ritchey was born in 1975 in Ann Arbor and now lives and works between his hometown and New York City. His passion for music and fashion can be seen in his work as an integral influential input. His artwork represents the depiction of a journey and can be seen to reflect his own creative progress. 

Notable solo exhibitions include Spots at The Journal Gallery in Brooklyn and We Love at the ATM Gallery in New York. In 2014 he also featured in the solo exhibition entitled Sun Tea at LTD Los Angeles in California. Recent group exhibitions include The Journal Gallery at Venus Over Manhatten, in New York, Salad Days at The Journal Gallery in Brooklyn and Material Matters and other Issues at the Canada Gallery in New York. The artist is also a co-founder of Leif and Tooya Clothing Company. 

Ritchey’s oeuvre is honest and clear in approach, seeing things as they are and presenting them as such. His work leaves no space for embellishment and enhancement but rather focuses on the original qualities of objects and their properties. His musical interest lends a poetic quality to his works: where concepts and notions interact to fall into a kind of interactive play: ‘Colors are colors and objects are objects, they dance together make music- a jam, I listen to the music and lose myself in it dance along, live it colors and forms find alchemy unknown’. His works are complex and captivating yet authentic and sincere. Using a plethora of materials, colours and layering he still presents them in their simplest form. Foundation becomes innovation in his colourful and textural masterpieces.